Max Batch Series

Max Batch Series Asphalt Plants

The Max Batch Series Asphalt Plants are energy efficient and satisfy the modern criteria of the highest performance standards demanded by the industry.

These plants have a higher capacity production catering for mega project supplies, commercial production for inner city and urban Hotmix sales, etc.


Unique Features and Advantages:

  • It comes with a complete safe access to optimize fast and easy installation and dismantling.
  • It enables production of various types of Hot mix with frequent recipe changes.
  • It is reliable, efficient operations and ease of access for maintenance accounts for maximum plant profitability.
  • Green burner for low Sox and Nox emissions. Option of oxygen controller for high fuel efficiency
  • Specially designed wear plates in hardox
  •  It requires no concrete foundation or Heavy Lifting Equipment (CRANE).



Ardent Max Batch Series Asphalt Plants

Model Top Tower 260 Top Tower 320
Capacity 260 TPH 320 TPH