Recycling Solutions

Hot Recycling Plant

With the rising cost as well as depletion of natural resources and pressing environmental issues such as pollution and disposal, asphalt recycling has become an important aspect.

Ardent is committed to protect and conserve the basic road construction materials by balancing between development and environmental protection through its innovative design and technology for use of Recycled Asphalt Pavement(RAP).


Unique Features and Advantages:

· The proper control of the temperature and recirculation of hot air minimizes the production of harmful fumes from the heating of the asphalt, thus giving a cleaner exhaust.

· Full automatic control by the computer on the air flow through the control of the dampers and the temperature monitoring by the thermometers at various positions brings the RAP to the ideal temperature at reduced oxidation for mixing with the virgin material.

·The addition of the Heated RAP is batch by batch up to 70% RAP addition to the virgin aggregates & thereby providing constant homogenous mix

·The burner uses high pressure to atomize the fuel out of the nozzle. The regulator plate regulates the fuel feed valve ensuring a fully combusted flame to develop in the burner head thus minimizing fuel wastage significantly.

·Provision to add a granulator crusher for use with excavated roads