Warm - Mix Asphalt Plant

Warm – Mix Asphalt Plant

Warm – Mix Asphalt plant is used to produce Hot-Mix Asphalt at temperatures 15 - 40 degree C cooler than the normal production temperatures of HMA. This new plant, developed recently, uses innovative technology to reduce the viscosity of the asphalt cement allowing the coating of aggregate at lower production


Benefit: The innovative technology used in our Warm – Mix Asphalt plant offers the following benefits:

·         Reduces the consumption of burner fuel i.e. Operational Economy

·         Reduces the emission of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) i.e. Environment Friendly

·         Reduces the fumes and smells i.e. better working conditions.

·         Ensures easy compaction of asphalt pavement

·         Eliminates premature ageing of asphalt cement i.e. Durability

·         Increases use of RAP in Mixes

·         Qualifies as LEED innovative technology point i.e. Innovation