Pro Batch Series - Double Screening Plant

Pro Batch Series:

Ardent Pro plants provide most advanced and modern age solution to the market. We put large focus on the economical aspects of everyday use: energy consumption and reliability. Our innovative approach consists of a special drying drum, which shares it’s functionality together with a double screening system. This allows us to save energy and lower the daily costs of production and maintenance, while keeping the highest quality of the final product. All of the automatic plant processes are blended together by one containerized control center with a user friendly operating system. Modular construction ensures quick setup and relocation, while additional WeatherProof cladding protects the structure against extreme weather condition, vandalism and theft.


Unique Features and Advantages:

  • Simple and modular construction, ensuring quick & easy set-up
  • Maximum versatility and flexibility by each batch
  • Eco-friendly pollution control systems along with dust conditioner system for efficient pollution control.
  • Easy customization and installation of additional equipment.
  • No concrete foundations required.
  • Double Screening along with Larger Capacity Hot Bin, Weigher & Mixer.
  • Galvanized Railings for longer life of the plant.
  • Weather Protection with complete Cladding around the plant
  • Hot Storage Silo is provided along with the plant.
  • Rain covers on belt conveyors to protect against additional moisture.
  • Wide range of optional equipment, including RAP/Hot RAP, SMA or VIATOP dosing systems


Pro Batch Series

     Model PROBATCH 1000 PROBATCH 1500 PROBATCH 2000 PROBATCH 3000
   Capacity 100 TPH/hour 140 TPH/hour 180 TPH/hour 240 TPH/hour